Elk River Adventures

Elk River - Matt Gardner to Veto. 12 miles (6 hours)

Awaken your senses on our Elk River

Oh, the things you see while on our Elk River.

A pair of majestic bald eagles, soaring high overhead…they make their home near the Elk. Stately sycamore trees stretching their gleaming white branches over the water. Steep rock bluffs, lush, rolling hills and inviting gravel beaches. An old, rusty bridge steeped in history, legend and lore.

Nature on our Elk River is a feast for the eyes. 

Oh, the things you hear while on our Elk River.

The slap-slap-slapping of a beaver’s tail. The gentle ripple of the water as your paddle cuts through its surface, propelling you gently along. A whoosh from the wings of a great blue heron, taking flight as you approach. The rustling of leaves being kissed by the breeze.  

Nature on our Elk River is an experience in peaceful serenity.

Oh, the way you feel while on our Elk River.

Freedom…from the sounds of honking horns, ringing phones and endless emails. Happiness…as you spend quality time with family and friends, and embrace the beauty all around you. Relaxed…as your tension and worries drift away like the leaves on the very river you are floating.

Nature on our Elk River is balm to your soul.

Richland Creek - Jim Potts to Vales Mill. 6 miles (3 hours)


Big things come in small packages, and Richland Creek is definitely no exception. From the minute you guide your boat into this easy-flowing, vibrant creek, you feel the stress flow out as peace & calm flow in. 

Have a picnic on one of it's many picturesque gravel bars, and take a dip in the cool, refreshing water. There's plenty of shade along this waterway, so take your time, relax, and unwind.

Abundant wildlife and Civil War ruins await you as the sounds of nature surround you. This is a sweet little creek, perfect for a day of fun on the water with your family & friends!